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Looking out for number one is a long time personal support idea to gather helpful news, tips, life hacks and warnings about life here on planet earth.

I love discovering new platforms and today I heard about Locals, from Scott Adams. I too am discouraged by the left wing social platforms determining what people can publish, even though they profess to be public platforms for all people and views. It just isn’t true.

I’ve been reluctant to post my true conservative feelings on issues for fear of getting my accounts blocked. I needed my FB and T accounts in order to run my business. You can’t piss off half of your customers by taking sides.

I’ve since sold off that business and now feel free to post my opinions, somewhere. If I posted my thoughts on some other platforms and I get booted, then so be it, I’m glad there are now other platforms to pick up the victims.

I’ve joined the likes of Gab, Parler, DIssenter and now Locals. I don’t know which one will be the biggest community yet. I currently run my website domain, off the Tumblr platform, but that too may soon be deserted. 

I’ll be seeing you around!

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